Mitch Perry
I am from St. Louis Michigan, which is only a few miles from Alma College. St. Louis is a small town consisting of basically a couple schools, McDonalds and a Subway, (Subway being the single most exciting thing to happen in awhile). I enjoy playing sports such as basketball, golf, tennis, and volleyball. I am a firm believer that Michigan State is far superior to Michigan, athletically at least. I am also a fan of the Tigers, Lions, Pistons, and the Red Wings. I like to spend my summers on Arnold Lake,
5531_115180968622_594913622_3009941_3021736_n.jpg which is located in Harrison. My family has a cottage there and I enjoy jet skiing, tubing, laying in the sun, and occasionally skiing. I love to snow ski, although I do not get out very often, being busy with the college life.