Lauren Burton

My Best Friend and I at the Lake
Hi everyone! I'm from Germfask, MI. Yes, I'm a Yooper Girl. It's a five hour drive from my home to here. I have one older sister, who is attending Northern Michigan University, and a pet cat named Thomas. I've gotten lead roles in two school plays and was second chair flute in my high school's marching/concert band. I was also a reading mentor in Book Buddies, where I learned that I only like little kids up to a point. My best friend is still a senior in Newberry.

I graduated from Newberry High School, which was a one and a half hour bus ride from my house one way. My Junior year of high school I was approached by my local newspaper, The Newberry News, and asked to intern for them, which I have done for the last two summer breaks. I ended up doing everything from writing front page articles to taking out the trash.
I also worked on two school newspapers (which were, unfortunately, short-lived) called The Lamprophony and The Jelly Donut.

This is how far away from home I am. Point A is Alma, and point B is Germfask. It's a five hour drive!
My Favorite Websites:
  • FanFiction.Net— a place where anyone can submit fan fiction for practically any show, movie, book, anime, comic, etc. The entries range from a few hundred words to chapters upon chapters and can be funny, serious, touching, fluff, or any other genre.
  • One Manga — a place to read many different manga series online for free
  • A Teaspoon and an Open Mind — another fan fiction site, but this one is centered around the Britich television series Doctor Who and it's spinoffs (Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • I Can Has — website with links to Lolcats, FAIL Blog, Graph Jam, etc. Which is where people post funny movies, pictures with captions, or made up graphs

This is a video from YouTube that compiles some of the best FAILS from FAIL, which can be found through I Can Has This video was compiled by marowak1337. It contains some swearing, but was the cleanest example I could find.