Hey there kids! My name is Kelsey Thelen and I was born and bred in this great city of Alma, Michigan. I first started attending Alma College in the fall of 2006 as a freshman, and like some college experiences go, I had a little too much fun my first year. After a semester and a half, I was forced to drop out of college and spend some time working on myself. Although I spent two years bouncing back and forth everywhere from Grand Rapids, MI to Peoria, IL (another full semester of college some how found its way in there), I've found myself back at home and attending my original college of choice. Being a 21 year old sophomore has its perks and its downsides, but for the most part I am happy to be back. My favorite food is chocolate, and I can often be found "kickin' it" or crafting plans of trickery. If you ever want to smoke a cigarette or drink a diet coke (preferably both) with someone, I'm your lady.

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