Me, excited about life!

I was born and raised in the giant, bustling metropolis of Vicksburg, Michigan (which has about 2,000 people, is near Kalamazoo in the great chance you have never heard of it, and is not the famous Civil War battlefield in Missisipi of the same name). Here, I am probably going to double-major in English and Theater. I love theater, mostly the stage managing and technical sides of theater, though I act occasionally as well. I love listening to music, especially folk-pop and show tunes, and watching musicals and plays. I'm pretty shy until you get to know me, but then I'm very argumentative and you pretty much can't get me to shut up on a topic I feel strongly on. I love writing and spend a lot of time in my dorm room working on writing my novel. I am also obsessed with the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and have all seven seasons on DVD.

Since I really love both music and Buffy, I was really drawn to this clip, which shows the tumultuous relationship between vampire slayer Buffy and vampire Spike to the song "Hallelujiah", sang by Rufus Wainwright, one of my favorite songs that strikes strong emotions every time I hear it.

As a writer and general pop culture observer, I am a huge fan of TV Tropes , which is a great website and a catalog of the "tricks of the trade" to writing fiction.