Me on the train, excited to be leaving Chicago.

This is Josh. I'm starting my third year at Alma studying political science and environmental studies, and many things in between. I am a sometimes creative individual who can be both disarmingly honest and depressingly hypocritical. My favorite font is Helvetica, although Georgia will do as a substitute. I enjoy college, good design, thinking about art, writing for different blogs, politics, social networking and new media (mostly on Twitter and Facebook), coffee, and searching for the beautiful things that make life worth living. I come from northern Michigan, probably spend too much time outside, and am going to spend my life protecting the environment, one way or another.

Holiday Matinee, a design blog that I enjoy.

The Kosmopolitan , a small but growing community of thinkers where I sometimes contribute.

A poem that I love.

I don't youtube much but this is a video that deservedly went viral, of a five year old after a dentist appointment.