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Style exam handouts - the first is an example of what to do. The next four are paragraphs for you to practice on.

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Articles to read for Wed. Oct. 14 - Read all four articles before voting. Don't let others' decisions sway yours if you think you're right!
Put an x in the box below to vote. Give ONE reason only so everyone can have a say. Save when you are done. Nothing under the discussion tab.

Article 1

Article 2
Article 3

Article 4
REASONS FOR YOUR VOTE - list one reason only followed by your name.

-Lower level language- Jenny Campfield
-Focuses on facts like newspapers-Weston A. Bryan
-Unsophisticated sentence structure/diction - Elizabeth Knape
-Length of the article is more suited to a newspaper than magazine - Lauren Burton
-The article is short at to the point. Not overly descriptive. - Kelsey Thelen
-The article's spacing.-Alycia Minshall
-Presentation of the facts -Kayla Montney
-Short paragraphs that focus on the facts-Sara Gensterblum
-The spacing is is like that of a newspaper article. - Alaina Dague
-concise and to the point; newspaper - Joshua Pugh
-relatively short and doesn't seem to have many overt opinions of the author- Calvin Yahn
-Says event happened Sunday, leading me to think it is a newspaper (generally weekly) rather than a magazine (typically monthly). Robert Brindley
-Doesn't go deep into detail and describing things; brief quotes. -Kat Nic
-Both the style and length of the paper resemble a newspaper article. -Mike D
-The way the articles spacing is set up. -Mitch Perry

-Written in sections similar to those in a magazine- Jenny Campfield
-Length and multiple headings are closer to a magazine's format-Weston A. Bryan
-It's too long to be a newspaper article - Elizabeth Knape
-There is a lot of pathos in the beginning which usually isn't there in a newspaper - Lauren Burton
-The article is long and has sections suited for a magazine. -Kelsey Thelen
-Again, the paragraph spacing--typical of newspapers.-Alycia Minshall
-Multiple headings; very lengthy -Kayla Montney
-Several sections-Sara Gensterblum
-Short, focused sections - Alaina Dague
-appeal to emotion; magazine - Joshua Pugh
-Seemed rather long and mostly one sided- Calvin Yahn
-Contained statments from multiple "experts" on the issue. Robert Brindley
-Much more description and pathos/emotion than a typical newspaper. -Kat Nic
-Longer, more detail, and format make this article seem like it's written for a magazine. -Mike D
-Very long article, probably too long for a newspaper. -Mitch Perry

-Author uses more creative descriptions- Jenny Campfield
-Author includes more personal stories you would find in a magazine-Weston A. Bryan
-Less formal tone, there's more personality in the writing - Elizabeth Knape
-Length of the paragraphs - Lauren Burton
-There is more pathos and it has more personal stories- Kelsey Thelen
-More of a personal view on the subject (first person, even). -Alycia Minshall
-The paragraphs are much longer than you would find in a newspaper -Kayla Montney
-Longer paragraphs with a much more personal tone-Sara Gensterblum
-Extensive use of pathos - Alaina Dague
-personal stories and creativity; magazine - Joshua Pugh
Seemed long and focused on personal stories- Calvin Yahn
-Referenced a visual history and another article in the publication, implying a more organized group effort. Robert Brindley
-Personality, creativity, more in depth. -Kat Nic
-Long paragraphs and the use of pathos aren't as frequent in newspaper articles. -Mike D
-There is a lot of detail and personal stories. -Mitch Perry

-Written with factual diction- Jenny Campfield
-Not enough creative language to be a magazine-Weston A. Bryan
-The title is what gave it away - it's just like a newspaper headline - Elizabeth Knape
-Very short, factual paragraphs - Lauren Burton
-More facts and less personal stories - Kelsey Thelen
-Again, the spacing.-Alycia Minshall
-Presentation of the facts -Kayla Montney
-Focuses on facts-Sara Gensterblum
-Clear presentation of the facts. - Alaina Dague
-focus on logos; newspaper - Joshua Pugh
-A little long but no personal stories to spice it up- Calvin Yahn
-Again, appears to reference several "experts". Robert Brindley
-Very to-the-point, even though it was long, each paragraph was factual, no personal stories. -Kat Nic
-Concise and fact-y. This was probably in a newspaper. -Mike D
-Very factual, not very creative. -Mitch Perry

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